This is not a naturist blog!

This is not a Naturist Blog!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Social behaviour

Where does my freedom end and someone else's start?
When we were innocent and there was no sex involved in procreation, people walked around naked and no one even gave it a thought... or did they?
Was there a time when sexual satisfaction was actually removed from procreation? I wonder...
If nature gives the women capacity to bare children all through the year as opposed to other animals, it is only natural that they should feel sexual desire all the time. Isn't it?
If women feel the urge to procreate, can they do it without men?
Is it safe for me to assume that sexual desire is a natural thing for all men and women?
If it is, then is it safe for me to assume that the human desire is also a natural thing?
So when we shun this natural action, what are we encouraging?
Is it a way of control from our leaders? By way of frustrating everyone they make us obsessed with sex and thus use it to control the population?
Hide it so we must feel guilty about it. If we feel guilty then we are easily blackmailed.
Publicity is constantly reminding us of our desires. Yet we don't speak openly about it. We feel guilty.
Do people wear perfume to smell good for anyone or do they use it for a specific target? Like the people they are trying to attract?
The perfume industry is blatant about it. So why do we feel ashamed to acknowledge it?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Laws and Rules - monogamy

Having been in a the midst of a discussion about the "needs of men" as perceived by women, I wondered if this point of view was valid or not.
They were saying (the women) that men have the need to watch any moving pair of legs. That we (the men) are uncontrolled. That our instincts make us irracional.
I don't deny. It's mostly true. But why did they mention this in a negative way?
Aren't we all animals? Wasn't it that same instinct that brought the man close to the woman in the first place? Or was it a racional thought?
"Oh! That fine looking lady would be perfect to bare my children. She is so inteligent."
Why do we criticize one action just because it's inconvenient to us?
Society plays many tricks on us. We constantly make rules to confine our instincts. You would have thought that after a few thousand years making rules and laws we would have it right by now.
So why don't we??
Is it just because we need to give some people work? Or is it because that the rules are wrongly made in the first place?
Why does it constitute a crime, in most of the western countries, to marry more than 1 person?
Why are people restricted all the time?
Rules are nothing more than restrictions. Some make sense. Most of them do not.
Mankind is not monogamous. So why should society impose it?
Mankind is not the marrying type.
It all boils down to the frustrated people. Why are they the ones to settle the laws?
Shouldn't rules and laws be dictated by the "normal" people?

Monday, 21 June 2010

The path to Hell is the path to Freedom

"Repent ye and believe the gospel"
I travel by bus everyday and see this phrase at the entrance of a church.
First time I saw it, it frightened me. Now it just causes me nausea.
I have had a catholic upbringing. I am not a catholic. I was baptized but I am not a christian. I am closer to being a follower of Christ's word than most christians.
I don't need to repent my daily actions because I think before I act. I don't harm anyone intentionaly so I don't need to be forgiven.
I wasn't born a sinner so I don't need to ask for forgiveness.
I realised, at a quite early stage in my life, that all that gave me pleasure was a sin. All that brought me happiness was wrong.
My thoughts are my own and no one has the right to judge them. I am free!
So I decided I should go to Hell and be damned. But happily...

Saturday, 19 June 2010


We are animals. We have instincts.

I am a follower of instinct. Or so I try to be. I try, every day, to remove a prejudice that has been set upon me. By my parents. By my friends. By my school. By the Media.

I try not to be formatted in a pavlonian way by the publicity that surrounds me everywhere I go.

I fail everyday. But I get that little bit closer.

I try to be as cynic as possible. I still fail. Diogenes would feel disapointed with me.

I am slowly realising that I need to undress myself of all the imposed social correctness I was exposed to since I was born...

Monday, 7 June 2010


Boyish fantasies led me to think of how wonderfull this world would be if we walked around naked. Or at least the women. Except for my mother, of course.
Humour aside, I still do question myself, why should we be committing a crime if we walk around naked?
Who was the author of that decision? And why?
What was the aim of forbidding everyone to decide if they should clothe themselves or not?
Is there a sort of frustration involved? A complex?
This will take us back to our origins, society as it progressed(?), before the decision was taken.
It will envolve politics and religion for sure (I will leave sports out of this one...).
Feel free to join in if you have an opinion, wether it's to agree or disagree. Civility is all you need to discuss such matters. Cimented opinions are a waste of time so please take them somewhere else.
Have fun!
P.S.: A big THANK YOU to Diana Queiroz for the wonderfull photo!